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OmniVest Overview

OmniVest Overview

This brief overview explains the concept behind OmniVest. We look at the OmniVest model and show you how easy it is to get trades from OmniVest's trading strategies delivered to you every market day.

Understanding Portfolios

The Portfolio of Strategies Advantage

OmniVest offers the ability to combine the trades from multiple strategies into one trading account. This unique approach can help improve gains and reduce drawdowns.

Accounts Page

Accounts Page Overview

The Accounts Page is command central in OmniVest. This tutorial explains how to use the Accounts Page in order to create Test Accounts and Trading Accounts as well as how to add strategies to your OmniVest Accounts.

Trades Pages

Trades Page Overview

The Trades Page delivers all of your new trades to you on a daily basis. This tutorial shows you access the trades from any of your active OmniVest accounts.

Account Settings

Understanding Account Settings

Each of your OmniVest accounts has a unique set of Account Settings. In this tutorial we will explain how these settings can impact the simulated and live performance of your accounts.

Strategies Page

Strategies Page Overview

The Strategies Page gives you complete access to all of the OmniVest Trading Strategies. This tutorial shows you how to scan and evaluate all of our strategies based on historical performance.

Understanding Portfolios

Portfolios Page Overview

OmniVest provides you with pre-configured Strategy Portfolios that were designed in order to meet a specific investment goal. Watch as we explain how to easily evaluate the portfolios provided as well as how to create portfolios of your very own.

Trade Processor

Trade Processor Overview

The OmniVest Trade Processor provides you with various levels of trading automation. In this overview we discuss the interface and help you engage the Trade Processor as quickly as possible.

Trade Processor in the Cloud

Using the Trade Processor in the Amazon Cloud

In this step-by-step video, Angela Hood shows you how to establish an Amazon cloud account. Then, she walks you through the steps of installing the Trade Processor and running it on your OmniVest account and your broker account.  Run time: 14 minutes

OmniVest V2

OmniVest V2 Orientation

In this full feature video, Ed Downs covers the basics of OmniVest for new users, and then reviews the details of the Version 2 features, with an emphasis on Strategy Lab.
Run time: 60 minutes + 40 minute Q&A session. Indexed.

OmniVest V2