The Trade Processor

The Automation Engine that Powers OmniVest

Trade Processor

As the name implies, The Trade Processor “processes” trades. New Trades flow to the Processor from the OmniVest site each day, based on the Strategies you have subscribed to. You can connect the Trade Processor to one of our supported brokers.

In “manual mode”, you can review the new positions. As you authorize them with a CHECK, the trade is placed in your account. You can run in “semi-automatic” mode, allowing it to manage exits, or “fully-automatic” mode, in which the Trade Processor will manage both entries and exits.

Use the paper trade facilities of our affiliated brokers to test OmniVest Service until you are comfortable with the results you are seeing. Then you can “flip the switch” and let it run.

Our first Strategies are based on End-of-Day trading, but we also plan to release Real Time Strategies in OmniVest. Having a Trade Processor running ensures you won’t miss any trades. And you won’t have to remember to update them every day, because the Processor can automatically do that for you.

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