Strategy Upload

Now, OmniVest users may upload OmniTrader Strategies directly to our OmniVest servers, to use in their Portfolios. Our Beta Users have uploaded some great Strategies and are getting impressive results. We are pleased to provide this resource for our OmniVest customers.
  • UPLOAD ANY STRATEGY. Users can upload any Strategy, including Strategies from plug-ins within the guidelines listed below.
  • CUSTOM OMNILANGUAGE SUPPORTED! When you upload a Strategy, you can ALSO upload the OmniLanguage code you may be using, including Indicators, Systems, and Exits.
  • ARM5 Components, too... Nirvana Club Members can upload any Strategy which uses the GA, NN, or CB (provided file size is not too big*).


1 - 3 Strategies........
4 - 6 Strategies........
7 - 10 Strategies......

Thank you for subscribing to Strategy Upload! You can cancel your subscription any time.

*More Information about Strategy Upload
The Strategy Upload feature can be found at the bottom of the Strategy Builder form...
Strategy Upload in OT
Once you purchase the (maximum) number of Strategies you would like to upload you will see the button enabled in Strategy Builder.

Strategy Upload Limitations
Strategy Upload is very powerful, and enables our users to add Strategies they are using in OmniTrader for use in OmniVest. A few restrictions are imposed – the upload application will alert you if any of the following are not correct:
  • Strategy must have a Trade Plan.
  • All Orders must be Market on Open or Market.
  • Single orders to enter/exit (cannot scale into/out of trades).
  • Maximum Orders: 50,000 Since OmniVest generates all orders and saves them on our servers, each Strategy is limited to 50,000 orders. Estimate this by running a test in OmniTrader and looking at Number of Trades in the Performance Report.
  • Must not use an Options Trade Plan.
  • Strategy must be mechanical.
  • No timeframe confirmation. Daily timeframe only.
  • Cannot reference non-OmniData symbols.
If you have further questions, please contact:
Nirvana Support 512-345-2545