User Testimonials

In a recent survey conducted in January, 2013 we asked our subscribers, "What do you like best about OmniVest?" Here are their responses.

“I am excited to see and witness the progress to both OmniVest & the Trade Processor. The user/development collaboration has been great. I am impressed with all the hard work the Nirvana staff is putting into this project in such a short time and I love Ed's infectious and enthusiastic presentations that present with such clarity."

Wynn F.

“I like all the analysis and trading being done without human interaction."

Emil C.

“I especially enjoy the diversification and automation of entries and exits with the Trade Processor."

Bruce B.

“OmniVest is a great concept. Ed's interest, expertise and willing attitude will make OmniVest a success!"

Clint M.

“OmniVest has very impressive processing power."

Phil D.

“I am very excited about the concept of OmniVest and I am very happy with the way it is being developed by Ed and his team. Ed has done a great job managing this product development and communicating his ideas to users throughout this whole process.

I think this is only just the beginning of a great product for private traders in particular that, like OmniTrader, will develop into an even more exciting tool over the coming years giving us sustainable profits in what is becoming a more and more challenging environment."

Geoff S.

“I believe OmniVest is a real breakthrough in investing. I am most excited about the probability of consistent gains with lower draw downs."

Leon E.

“I believe that with a good mix of RTM and Trending strategies, I'll be able make a good profit with OmniVest without spending hours each day to do so."

Bob H.

“I have my eye on trading for multiple accounts, so OmniVest can make this a manageable task!"

Marvin H.

“I like that OmniVest will reduce risk by using a Portfolio of Strategies."

Norman H.

“I most like the automation of the whole OmniVest process."

Bill F.

“I like the expected evolution and end-result of an easy to use system of investment that is individually manageable to meet my specific needs."

James T.

“I love the ability to test strategies and portfolios and to go 'deep' into the strategies to see their performance. I also love the fact that I can test strategies with allocation percentages."

Keith W.

“I love the idea of having a steady stream of proven trade ideas that can be tuned to change as the market changes. It will provide the confidence to stay fully invested."

Mark S.

“I love the idea of having a steady stream of proven trade ideas that can be tuned to change as the market changes. It will provide the confidence to stay fully invested."

Mark S.

“I think the idea is brilliant! I truly believe OmniVest will make me a wealthy man far beyond what I ever thought was possible!"

Keith B.

“OmniVest gets me closer to the "hands free, trade while you sleep" goal I've had for the past 15 years"

David L.

“I appreciate OmniVest’s ability to select trading candidates."

Ray S.

“I love having the large number of available strategies to choose from."

Roger B.

“OmniVest is a very interesting and unique way to engage the markets! The equity graphs allow for efficient comparison of strategies. I also appreciate the comprehensiveness of the strategy options and account settings. It is a very robust application."

John N.

“OmniVest provides a large number of strategies to choose from for the trader to create portfolios of strategies which are in the end more profitable and less risky than a single strategy. OmniVest will provide great and profitable possibilities for trading."

Juergen F.

“OmniVest provides a way to use all the great Nirvana technology in a system I can use consistently over a long term. Given my business and family commitments, the Trade Processor is the solution I've been waiting on for years now!"

Steven M.

“I really like how OmniVest handles the weighting of the strategies so I can build strategies that are 100% invested. It allows me to increase the total returns much better than what I was able to do when I used "The Machine"."

Jeffrey W.

“OmniVest is simple to use and the ability to see the simulation of a portfolio of strategies is outstanding."

Bill K.

“OmniVest gives me the ability to make greater gains with less draw downs."

Craig P.

“OmniVest’s ability to mix several strategies maximizing returns and minimizing draw downs is awesome. OmniVest frees us from the mechanics of trading and allows us to concentrate on putting together strategies that are tailored very specifically to meet our risk reward goals and tolerances."

Howard H.

“The ability to mix strategies and create trading plans that generate numerous trades is most helpful."

Harold C.

“The ability to quickly and easily build a profitable portfolio is outstanding."

James S.

“The concept of remaining fully invested is a GREAT first for Nirvana as far as I am concerned. With gxtrader’s low trade cost and Trade Processor automation I intend to remain fully invested in my account without a lot of personal interaction with the Broker in the process."

Earl P.

“I enjoy the web-based interface and the responsiveness of results after changes are made to portfolios or scenarios."

Frank I.

“WOW! The equity curves and ending equity values look amazing! Even when applying filters through Account Settings, the performance looks almost too good to be true. I'm really excited about the profit potential. You guys rock at RTM strategies!"

Keith M.

“ OmniVest is doing EXACTLY what it was advertised and intended to do. I have enjoyed the somewhat tumultuous November and December markets with over 5% and 4% asset growth (respectively) through expenditure of just 20 minutes every morning before the market opens, entering the recommended orders."

Larrie C.

“ Just wanted to let you know my 1st month’s results of OMNIVEST trading. I started trading on December 4, 2012 with a $100,000 live trading account. I made my last trade on Dec. 26. My total profit was $3209."

Ed F.

“I have been with the Nirvana Club since it started (I think it was 1996). I think OmniVest is one of the most promising projects so far. I feel that OmniVest and the Trade Processor are exactly what I have been looking for! Thanks for the great work and effort you have done so far."

Christian S.

“The concept is brilliant of employing multiple strategies and dynamically allocating these to achieve 100% or 200% allocation to an account. Nirvana has given the retail investor the same tools applied to end of day trading that large institutions use in high frequency algorithm trading."

Gerry H.