Subscriber Interviews

“In the 3 months I have used the System, my account has steadily grown from a starting balance of $100,000 to just over $110,000 today.”

Ed Foss

“My account is up about $6000 in 4 weeks; if I extrapolated that out it would be something like a 53% gain in a year."

Mike Sanders

“I started my OmniVest account with $50,000, which I manually traded in November – made $3,000 there. Then, I started running the Trade Processor on it in December, and the account is at $59,240 today – up 18%+ in just 4 months."

Larrie Cable

“I’m having a lot of success so far. Since January 15 (6 weeks) I’m up almost 7% in my cash account. So, I’m really happy with it.”

Cal Hunziker